VicTsing®Universal Bike & Motorcycle Handlebar Mount Cell Phone Holder, Adjustable for iPhone 6s, Galaxy S6 & Edge S6

OD85BVT (1)


1. Wide Grip. With a release button, the adjustable phone clasp is lined by soft, non-slip sponge and fits devices from 5cm/1.96’’ to 11cm/4.33’’ wide.(i.e. iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Mega etc.) It is also compatible with MP4 Players, GPS, BlackBerry and other latest android smartphones.
2. Powerful Clamp. There is a clamp with adjustable bottom and you can space it out depending on the size of your handlebars, which allows you to mount your bike/motorcycle handlebars from 20mm/0.78’’(minimum) to 40mm/1.57’’(maximum) in inner diameter. Perfect for bike, motorcycle, stroller and other tubular devices.
3. Sturdy Fit. With a thumb screw, the clamp holds your phone in place securely. There is also a rubber strap that goes around all four corners of your phone to keep it even more snug, which is perfect for iphone6 plus.
4. 360° Pivot. The phone clasp has a cool 360 degree rotational viewing angle that can be adjusted so you can easily switch your viewing angle according to your needs. Use your phone handsfree on a bike and make your journey comfortable.
5. Easy Installation. No tools required. The premium plastic material offers durability and keep it from breaking. Shockproof design provides you stable viewing environment even when traveling on bumping roads.

VicTsing®Universal Bike & Motorcycle Handlebar Mount Cell Phone Holder

This bike mount is a great companion for your journey. Securely mount your phone, MP4 player or other devices to the handlebars of your bicycle or motorcycle with a tight grip. Use the phone hands-free while bicycling.
Secure Grip
With premium plastic grip, the bicycle mount holds your phone tightly when bicycling. The cradle of phone is equipped with thickened sponge that can protect your phone from scratching and hold your phone securely.
Adjustable rotation angle
It allows 360 degree rotation so you can get the best viewing angle.
Universally compatibility
The clamp fits bicycle handlebars 20mm-40mm. The phone grip supports phone from 5cm to 11cm.
Easy to Use
Installation is a breeze and no tools required. You can use the phone handsfree when bicycling. Make your journey safe and comfortable.

Package Included:
1*cell phone bike mount
1* rubber strap


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