VicTsing 5 Inches Diagonal Wide Cutter Diagonal Cutting Plier Wire Cutter and Desoldering Wick Solder Braid with 2.5mm Width



Solder Wick:

Width: 2.5mm

Length: 1.5m

Weight: 0.35oz

Diagonal Cutters:

Cutting capacity: 20-25gauge

Length: 125mm


  1. Solder Wick. Clean the solder in detail to avoid short circuit, especially in some small or hard to reach areas. Dimension: 0.1 inch in width, 5ft in length. Weight: 0.35oz.
  2. Pure oxygen free copper wire, no clean flux, and low residue, an ideal accessory to remove the extra solder.
  3. Diagonal Cutters. Made from chrome-vanadium steel, the 5-inch diagonal pliers will be very helpful in cutting soft copper, steel wire, terminal wires etc.
  4. High Performance. With high frequency treatment, the blade is study and durable enough with angle for cutting easily without blocking your view. It can cut about 20 gauge soft steel wire and 25 gauge soft copper easily.
  5. Non-slip TRP coated (a new material which is soft and elastic) handle provides comfort grip to protect your arm when cutting. The spring loaded design at the rear makes it easier to use and relieve fatigue.

VicTsing 5 Inches Diagonal Cutters and Desoldering Wick


Solder wick and wire cutters are helpful tools in doing electric jobs and jewelry process etc. Desoldering wick can help clean the spare solder on the pin away while the wire cutters give you a precision cutting.

Clean the Spare Solder Easily

The desoldering braid is very helpful in removing extra solder, especially in some small and hard to reach areas.


High Quality Solder Wire

Pure oxygen free copper wire with no clean flux, the desoldering wick is 0.1inch in width, 5ft in length and 0.35oz in weight.


5-Inch Diagonal Cutters

With chrome-vanadium steel, this wire cutter is hard enough for durability, which can cut wires from 20-25 gauges easily. The soft handle grip is for comfortable grip.

Package Included:

1* 5-Inch Diagonal Cutters

1* Solder Wick


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