VicTsing Soldering Iron with ON/OFF Switch 60W 110V Electric Soldering Iron Kit, Adjustable Temperature, 5pcs Different Tips, Stand, Solder Wire



Working Voltage: AC 110V/60Hz

Power: 60W

Cable Length: 140cm

Temperature Range: 200℃-450℃ (392℉-842℉)

Solder Wire Diameter: 1mm

Solder Wire Weight: 0.53oz

Solder Wire Melting Point: 183℃


  1. Heat Up Quickly. The 60w soldering iron heats up VERY fast with inner-heated ceramic induction technology and has a temperature dial with a range of 200℃ to 450℃ so you can adjust it to a good temp for different projects.
  2. Efficient Heat Dissipation. Steel-pipe design helps cool fast. The four ventilation holes on the solder tip provide better heat dissipation than others. Upgraded PCBA with Chip Fixed Resistor also helps dissipate heat quickly.
  3. More Friendly. Added an ON/OFF switch, you can turn it on/off easily to save energy and ensure safe welding. LED indicator will be a good hint to avoid burning by accidental.
  4. The heat-insulated silicon handle provides comfortable and secure grip. A decent cable length for convenient use.
  5. More Accessories. Come with 5PCS interchangeable tips for various types of jobs. A soldering stand for heat dissipation. Solder wire( 1mm in diameter, melting point: 183℃).

VicTsing 60W 110V Electric Soldering Iron Kit


This 110V 60W soldering iron is a must-have for various repaired jobs. It has a temperature setting that you can adjust it to a good temp for different projects and the 5pcs interchangeable tips make it versatile.

Fast and Accurate Heat  

This electric soldering iron kit heats up quickly and precisely. The accuracy is about±5℃.

Upgraded Version

A: Better Heat Dissipation. The solder tips with four ventilation holes and steel-pipe design help cool fast.

B: Easier to Use. Adding an ON/OFF switch, you can turn the soldering iron on/off with ease.

Must-have Accessory

You will find a soldering iron, 5 different tips, a stand, a solder wire in your package. Everything is ready for soldering work.


  1. Peak Power: 60W. When you adjust the temperature to 200℃, the rated power is about 5W. If you turn it to 450℃, the rated power will reach 23W.
  2. When you adjust the temperature to 250-400℃, there are about 30℃ errors between actual temperature and displayed temperature. And if you adjust it to 200℃ or 450℃, the displayed temperature is in line with actual temperature.

Package Included:

1* 60W Soldering Iron

1* Soldering Stand

1* Solder Wire


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