VicTsing Sprinkler System Spray Nozzle Watering



Size: 250×200×100mm (9.8×7.9×4.0in)

Gross Weight: 733g (25.9oz)

1.      Long Spray Distance. Allow up to 26-32.8ft distance of watering. Simply connect water joint to the connector and faucet. Press down and rotate to adjust the distance of water.
2.      Optional Spray Scope. Cycle spraying from 0°to 340° rotations and 360° swivel spraying to choose from. Fold the stop block and adjust to the suitable angle for your desired spraying scope.
3.      Universal Fit. Allow you to connect with several sprinklers to cover a wider water range.Perfect for lawn, yard, garden and etc. Help you save water by adjusting the density of the water flexibly.
4.      Premium Quality. High quality ABS materials ensure sturdy and constant use. Internal thread allows sealing tightly and securely.
5.      Built-in Metal Weights. The sturdy base with two metal weights effectively keeps the sprinkler stable while using. The rubber handle ensures secure operation.
VicTsing Water Sprinkler System Impulse Long Range Sprinklers
Featured with built-in metal weights and wide water coverage, our water sprinkler efficiently waters your lawn and garden without slipping easily.
Water-saving Design
Enable you to adjust the density of water and control the spray distance without wasting water. Allow even and efficient irrigation.
Adjustable Spray Scope
Fold the hook and adjust to the suitable angle for optional spray area. Allow you to choose from cycle spraying from 0°to 340° rotations and 360° swivel spraying. Suit your various needs and effortlessly save water.
Stable and Durable
Two metal weights beneath the sprinkler base stabilize nicely and resist moving or tipping on level ground. Superior ABS materials ensure wear resistance and easy cleaning without worrying about it getting rusty. Anti-slip rubber handle ensure you to operate with ease.
Easy to Use
Simply connect water joint to the connector and faucet. Control the amount of pressure and distance of the sprinkler goes by adjusting your water pressure.
Package Included:
User Manual×1


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