VicTsing White Noise Fan Sound Machine with USB ,All-Natural Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner for yoga Bedroom Children’s room Sleeproom



1.        Restful and Sweet Sleep: this white noise sound machine creates consistent and all-natural sound of rushing air to help mask unwanted noise, such as traffic, nearby conversation, snoring, cats and kids, so you and you loved ones can have a better sleep
2.        Two Speeds: built-in dual speed, super-silent motor and unique asymmetrical fan make the volume fully adjustable. You also can twist the side or top cap to adjust how open the vents are, changing the volume and frequency for personalized requirements
3.        Time-Setting: 20mins, 40mins and 120mins time setting modes, save power and save money. Based on sleep research data analysis, it often costs 20-40mins to fall asleep. The 120mins setting allows for deep sleep
4.        Two USB Ports and Soothing Breathing Light: come with dual USB ports for convenient charging. Designed with cozy yellow breathing light, it can block the external blue light which easily irritate your eyes and make you awake, reducing the disturbance from annoying light
5.           High Quality and Guaranteed: approved by FCC and RoHS, this sound conditioner adopts fire-resistant material to guarantee safety use and the plug is certified by UL, so use it in your baby’s room at ease.

VicTsing White Noise Fan Sound Machine

Do you have sleep problem? Do you feel distracted by background noise? Do you want to have a quality sleep? The white noise sound machine with built-in fan can produce a soothing sound of rushing air for concentration and relaxation, so you can get a better sleep or focus. Send it to your loved ones as a gift, helping them get concentration and relaxation, perfect for new babies, the aged, the insomnia, shift workers, travel and more.
More Versatile
1)        Make you and your little one sleep better by helping control the surrounded noise, such as trains, cars, snoring, nearby conversation, kids, cats etc.
2)        Useful for office privacy. If you want to make a private conversation in a room, you can put this white noise machine outside, so people will only hear the white noise, instead of the conversation.
Adjustable Volume and Frequency  
With two speed motor, you can choose the volume setting for different environment or change the position of the vent holes on top and side to adjust the volume and frequency.
3 time setting modes: 20mins, 40mins and 120mins. Choose different time option for unique requirements. Usually this white noise machine can help you sleep after 20-40mins and make you enter into deep sleep after 120mins, so you can set the suitable time to save power, instead of keeping it on all night.
Long Cable Length
9.8ft long cable length makes it easy to reach your electric outlet.
Package Included:
1* White Noise Sound Machine


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