The Truth You Need to Know about the Santa Claus

Hello, all VicTsing fans, maybe most of you, in your childhood, have wished to get a gift from the Santa Claus. So how much do you know about the Santa Claus? Maybe here you can learn something about him.


Santa Claus originated from folklore in europe. He was plump, with 9 reindeer of different names, and the biggest worry was that houses with chimneys were getting smaller and smaller. Usually parents will explain to their children that the gifts they receive at Christmas are sent by Santa claus. Santa Claus's concept of bringing gifts to children by a mysterious figure derives from St. Nicola. Nicola is a good bishop who lived in Asia Minor in fourth Century. The Dutch will imitate him to give gifts in San Nicolas Festival (December 6th).  

Every Christmas, Santa Claus riding on the reindeer, child prodigy graspsthe Christmas tree comes to the world, as the world changes, writers and artists began to depict Santa Claus we are familiar with today's red, white beard. At the same time, different countries and cultures also have different interpretations of Santa claus. In many countries, Christmas Eve, children prepare empty containers so that Santa Claus can put in little gifts, such as toys, candy or fruits. In the United States, children in the fireplace on Christmas Eve hanging Christmas stockings, Santa Claus said to come down the chimney on Christmas Eve presents in the sock. In other countries, children put empty shoes outdoors so that Santa can give presents on Christmas Eve (or on the eve of the San Nicolas festival in December 5th). In Germany, it was said that he played Cheng Shengtong, putting nuts and apples in children's shoes. He traveled around in a buggy, watching people's behavior, especially children, and if they were good, they would get prizes like apples, nuts, sugar, etc.. A bad child deserves a whip. Parents inspired this legend to encourage children to be obedient. 

Christmas has greatly exceeded the new year, become a national holiday. Santa Claus has become one of the most favorite symbols and traditions of christmas. He was driving reindeer, pulling the sleigh full of toys and gifts, sending gifts to every child from door to door, and the image of the old elf has been deeply remembered. Every year close to Christmas, there are always children who believe in Santa Claus send letters to Santa Claus, such as telling them what they want to receive Christmas gifts and so on, and in some countries the post office, in order to avoid their disappointment, someone will reply to these letters. 

The depiction of Santa Claus in the Arctic reflects the people's impression of the industry. In the early twentieth Century, some of Santa Claus's image was that he made toys himself, just like craftsmen in a small workshop. Later, the impression became Santa Claus with many elves making toys, but the toys were still done by the elves in a traditional way. By the end of the twentieth Century, Western masses had fully accepted the realities of mass machine production. Modern depictions of Santa Claus's residence reflect this: people humorously say that his residence is a highly mechanized production facility, equipped with the most advanced manufacturing technology, managed by elves and managers of Santa Claus. There are a lot of TV advertising business into the company will be the scene comedy, the elf portrayed as a disgruntled employee, funny and tease boss.


There are many stories related to the miraculous old man. Maybe you read a lot already. But anyway, Santa Claus was the people we hoped to see in our childhood, isn’t it?

❤ Christmas 2017 is coming, MERRY CHRISTMAS ❤

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