What 'VicTsing User Program' is and How to Join

VicTsing always understand the influence of our customers in introducing our brand. We also know how much each customer means to us. That’s why we work out our 'VicTsing User Program' to ask for your advice to perfect our products’ design and our customer service.

It is so easy to become a member of us.

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One day, Matchstick Men, who is a IT boy, found that his keyboard was broken suddenly.
Introduced by his best friend, he would like to try Tomoko Keyboard and purchased one from VicTsing store.
Package was arrived very soon because he is a prime of Amazon.【Amazon two days shipping service is perfect.】
After 3 months’ test, he was shocked by this keyboard because it works so good.
Matchstick Men always enjoy in sharing his experience on his personal channel. He is also very generous in giving sellers advice.
Then he wrote an email not only to express thanks to VicTsing but also give 2 piece of advice about how to show the keyboard better on the product page.
After receiving his email , VicTsing invited him to become a member of 'VicTsing's User'
Being a VicTsing's User, Matchstick Men always knows VicTsing's giveaway and deals firstly with notification emails.
He was so lucky several times to be selected as a winner of the giveaway.
That is the story about how Matchstick Men and VicTsing become friends. 
If you are a generous man like Matchstick Men, do not hesitate to join us.

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