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Pictek RGB Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set with 8 Independent Multimedia Keys

1. Stunning RGB Backlight. The gaming mouse and keyboard set features cool backlight for immersive gaming experience. For keyboard, there are 7-color and single-color light modes to choose from.  For gaming mouse, it will cycle among 4 light modes automatically once you set DPI. Moreover, you can adjust brightness, speed, and even turn off backlight with your preference.
2. Comfortable Grip & Hand Position. Compared with common computer keyboard, our wired keyboard with wrist rest and distinctive crater structure is 2 times longer key lifespan, which passed over 10, 000, 000 times of keystroke test. Moderate elasticity of the key reduces fatigue for long-time use. Detachable keycap can be removed and cleaned effortlessly. Ergonomically designed mouse with thumb rest fits your hand comfortably.
3. Elevate Work & Gaming Efficiency. 8 independent multimedia keys prevent from accidental typing when gaming and thus offer you uninterrupted gaming experience. Meanwhile 12 shortcut keys help a lot during your work or daily use to promote the efficiency. 6 buttons mouse for superior productivity for users.
4. 25 Keys Anti-ghosting &Win Lock. Support 25 keys to work simultaneously to provide fast and precise response. As for the details, you can press the FN + Win buttons to lock the Win function, avoiding mistakenly typing and sweeping away the disturbing obstacles during battling with your contenders.
5. Strong Durability & Friendly Customer Service. Laser carving characters are anti-fading, skid-resistant and anti-fingerprint. 1.6m long cable with nickel-plated USB port ensures smooth operation. Foldable stands make keyboard stable even during intense gaming.
名词组; 集; 一套; 集合; 套; 盘; 系列; 机组; 局; 嵌; 结伙; 套房
动词定; 固定; 规定; 镶; 放置; 摆; 放; 摆放; 落下; 落; 竖立; 摆列; 竖; 放置者
形容词不动的; 既定的; 静止的

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