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  • 1. To start the game, just hit the egg and a przce will be out from it.
  • 2. There is only one prize for every hit.
  • 3. One play chance in defult, and you can get another chance by sharing this game.
  • 4. If you win a product, please claim it in 15 days, or you will lose the chance to claim it.
  • 5. The code is time limited, so if you won a discount code, please use it before expires.
  • ${item.account} won ${item.name}
  • ${item.account} won ${item.name}

Note:1. For any question about the game, please contact us: marketing@victsing.com. 2. Please claim your prize in time. 3. VictSing has all rights to this game.

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  • ${item.name}


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You Have Won: ${goodsInfo.name}

You can claim the prize now or later. If you want to claim the prize later, you can click "My Prize" on the game page to check you prize.


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Note: The code will expire on Jan. 31, 2020. Please redeem the code on Amzon before it expires.

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But, to thank you for your participation, you will get 5 Points, The 5 points are only awarded for the first time. or you can continue to play the game to win a prize. Good luck.

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