【FAQ】:PC120 Bluetooth Mouse

Q1: Where is the USB receiver?

A: Generally, the USB receiver is placed beside of the battery component. Please refer to the picture.


Q2: How to be connected by Bluetooth?

A: Please try it with following steps:

  • The default model is Bluetooth model. After plugging the battery, please turn on the mouse(click power button). Then the indicator light is Blue. Is it right? If the indicator light is not blue, please long press the CPI button for several seconds until the light turns to blue to transit it to Bluetooth model.
  • Then please press the Bluetooth button on the bottom of the mouse. It will go into the pairing status.The paring time is about 3s.
  • Please open the Bluetooth of your computer, and find "PC120A" then pair it.


Q3: How to be connected by USB receiver?

A: Please try it with following steps:

  • Plug in the usb receiver into your computer. Then Press DPI Button for several seconds till power indicator turns red, indicating that the mouse is in wireless mode.
  • Just wait for the system to install the drive automatically, and after it’s done, it can be used.


Q4: How to change the mode between the Bluetooth mode and Wireless mode?

A: Press the CPI button for three seconds to switch the mode between Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless mode. In Bluetooth mode, the indicator light is blue; In the 2.4G wireless mode, it is red.


Q5: The Bluetooth name could not be searched?

A: Please try it with following steps:

  • Please kindly note that this mouse is not suitable for computers with a Bluetooth version lower than 4.0 and mouse only suitable for WIN8 and above operating systems.
  • Please kindly notethat blue light will be on when pairing with Bluetooth. Is that right? Pressing the DPI button can change the light: red for 2.4 G model and blue for Bluetooth model.(PS: After entering the Bluetooth mode, please be sure to press the Bluetooth pairing button at the bottom of the mouse to let the mouse enter the pairing mode. The computer can search for the Bluetooth name.)
  • Pleasekindly delete all of the Bluetooth name on your computer and try it again.


Q6: The mouse doesnt work with Bluetooth mode.

A: Please try it with following steps:

  • Please change a new battery to try it again.
  • Please restart the computer and do antivirus for computer.
  • Please try it to another computer to test whether it will work.


Q7: Mouse is stuck and cursor is abnormal

A: Please try it with following steps:

  • Please make sure that the battery still have power and change a new battery;
  • Please restart the computer and do antivirus for computer;
  • It will be better to use with a mouse pad;
  • If you use 2.4 G model, please make sure that the distance between your mouse and the USB receiver is as close as possible.The receiver (the small black part) is pointing to the mouse in a straight line.


Q8: The receiver can not be recognized by the computer

A: Please try it with following steps:

  • Please kindly note there is no extra driver needed. Would you please check whether the usb receiver is installedwell in your computer?

Here is the way for you to confirm that: control panel---Device Manager--User--Mouse and other devices---HID compliant mouse. If not, your computer missed the system file. Please re-install your computer system.

  • Please unplug and re-plug the receiver or try another computer USB port.
  • Please restart the computer and do antivirus for computer.


Q9: The issue of the scroll

A: Please try it with following steps:

  • If it is Mac, please follow this way to correct it:

System Preferences → Mouse → Scroll Direction → Cancel "Natural" option.

  • If it is windows, please follow this way to correct it:

Windows system: Set the wheel registry to be "0".

  1. Firstly, find your computer's current mouse wheel registry name. Control panel→Device manager → Mouse and other pointing devices → HID → Compliant mouse → Details→Attributes→Hardware Id → Value →The second line in the display area is the computer current wheel registry name.
  2. Then, Press "Win" + "R" button as the same time→ enter "regedit" → Sure → Computer → HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SYSTEM → CurrentControlSet → Enum → HID → According to the current wheel registry name to open the corresponding folder → Device Parameter → FlipFlopWheel → change "1" to "0" → Restart the computer.


Q10: Other Tips

A: This mouse does not work with ipad, because the ipad is equipped with an IOS system that does not carry a mouse cursor plugin. After the mouse is connected to the device, the cursor cannot be displayed and the tablet cannot be controlled, unless the third-party cursor driver software is installed.