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How To Participate In VictSing Free Testing Program?

  • Submit Application

  • Receive Confirmation Email

  • Product Delivery

  • Experience, Share & Report

Read This Note Before Applying

1. Please complete the information in case we fail to reach out to you when you’re selected. And no worries, your privacy will be well protected.

2. Be specific in your testing plan (include where you will post your review, what form your review will take, and specifically how you plan to put the product through its paces).

3. Chosen Testers will be contacted by email, remember to check your email if you are the chosen one.

4. For more detailed rules please view the following section.

5. One account can only test one same listing, if you buy the same listing multiple times, it can only be counted once.

6. One account can only test one product within 30 days.

7. All the rights are reserved by Homasy.

8. By participating, you agree to Homasy’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

  • What is Free Testing?

    Free Testing is a program for Homasy members who love trying new things and sharing! The new products will be given freely to you for testing and review. Share your homasying daily life in an original, creative way on social platforms.

  • How do you get involved?

    1. Login or sign up with your account (Registration is for a limited time free, try now)
    2. Read the Free Testing insider testing rules.
    3. Choose the product you want to try and click the “APPLY NOW” button to apply.
    4. Fill out the application, and wait for us to get back to you by email or messenger.

  • How do you become the chosen one?

    1. Complete your application.
    2. Fill out your review plan in the application as much detail as possible (Promised testing timeline, review forms & platforms, previous review experience and so on)
    3. Any dishonest behavior during application will be recorded and won’t be qualified in our future testing programs.

  • Testers Announcement

    Winners will be announced on the “Winners Announcement” section and will be contacted by email or messenger for further information.

  • How do you submit reviews?

    1. When you receive the products, or share us the links of your review on the social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, personal blogs & forums) and don’t forget to add hashtag #VictSing Free Testing and official website: www.victsing.com.
    2. The impressive review will get the chance of being pinned on the VictSing official website’s homepage to get more views and more tester’s opportunities on the future testing program.
    3. If testers won’t be able to complete the testing report in time, just contact us by email for solutions.

Testing Process

    If you’re selected for a test, you’ll receive an email with “Get approved”. And then follow the instruction from the email to test the product.
    Every tester needs to purchase the product at first by yourself, but we promise each user whose application is approved gets 100% refund.
  • TEST
    Test the product amount of hours per day after you receiving it and keep authentic record of your daily usage and product experience.
    You’ll get a full refund via Paypal (Pp Fee&Tax Covered), and each tester can only receive one reward with an order ID monthly. note: detailed instruction is attached in the notification email.
    Leave your feedback by your authentic daily product experience for our product. note: detailed instruction is attached in the notification email.