【FAQ】:PC140 Wireless Mouse

Q: Where is the USB receiver?

A: Generally, the USB receiver is placed beside of the battery component. Please refer to the picture.

Q: How to rematch the code?

A: Please follow these steps: Unplug the USB receiver and battery→install a new battery→replug the USB receiver→keep the mouse close to the USB receiver→LONG press the left button and the right button simultaneously to match the code again, till the light starts to flash.


Q: The mouse didnt work.

A: Please try it with following steps:

  • Please make sure the USB receiver can be recognized by your computer first.
  • Please make sure the mouse can be turn on. Just install a new battery correctly and try it in another USB port or computer. If yes, the light indicator will on when you click the DPI button.
  • Please keep the mouse close to the USB receiver as close as possible. Make sure there are no obstacles around the mouse.
  • Please rematch the code to test whether it works again.


Q: The scroll wheel didnt work. The scroll wheel has no response.

A: Please try it with other applications to test whether it works again.


Q: The mouse cursor got delay/ didnt perform well.

A: Please try it with following steps:

  • Please try with a new battery to test whether it works better.
  • Please make sure that the distance between your mouse and the USB receiver is as close as possible.
  • Please adjust the CPI to a lower level by pressing the CPI button.
  • Please kindly make sure there are no other interference, such as other wireless mouse, Wi-Fi signal metal objects.
  • If the USB port for inserting USB receiver is at the back of motherboard or TV, it will be better to add a extension cord to insert the USB receiver.


Q: The cursor has no response.

  • Please clean the bottom lens of Mouse, in case there is any dust or foreign matter;
  • Please re-adjust the position of the bottom lens.


Q: The side button can not work with Mac system or Apple computer.

A: The Back and Forward Buttons are not available for Mac OS because the system itself is a closed one, not open to the public, but the other function can be used normally.