Product Exchange Guides

Steps to exchange products or gift card with your member points:

>> Go to the VIP Benefit page.


>> Choose the product you want to exchange. Of course, your points must be enough. You can check your points on your profile.


>> Click the product and you’ll go to the checkout page.



>> Complete your shipping information


>> Click “Continue to shipping method” then you will go to shipping method confirmation page.


>> Confirm your shipping information or change that if you need.


>> Overview and place your order.


>> Amazon gift card is an e-card. So when you placed the order, we will send the card number to you via e-mail. But you still need to complete the steps as above-mentioned to place the order.


>> Order was placed successfully.




1. For products exchange, you need to keep your account logged in first.

2. The member points will not be returned if you cancel the order.

3. No credit card needed in this process, just with your member points.

4. Amazon card is the e-card.