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Please read these Terms of Use carefully first before using this website. If you use this website, it means you fully accept these Terms of Use.


License to Use this Website

VicTsing and VicTsing official website (www.victsing.com) own the intellectual property rights in the website and all the material on the website.


You may view, download (for caching purposes only), and print pages or other product information from this website for your own personal use, you need to subject to the restrictions set out below first.


You must not:

    1. Republish material from this website, sell or rent.
    2. Duplicate copy or exploit material from this website for a commercial purpose.
    3. Edit or modify any material information on this website.



    1. You must not use this website in any way that causes or may cause damage to this website, or in any way which is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful etc.
    2. You must not use this website to copy, store, transit or distribute any material which consists of any spyware, virus, Trojan horse or other malicious computer software.
    3. You must not use this website for any purposes related to marketing without VicTsing.com’s written consent.



You can create an account on www.victsing.com free. And for the account, you can change the password at any time. (Please click “forget password” on log in page if you want to reset the password.) But you cannot delete your account, if you want to delete your account, please contact support@victsing.com.


With an account, what you can do?

    1. Participant in promotional activities held on VicTsing official website.
    2. Get member points and exchange products.


What VicTsing can do for the account?

    1. Create an account for you. (If you cannot sign up on the web.)
    2. Reset the password. When VicTsing clicks the “reset password”, the system will send you an email about how to reset the password. VicTsing won’t own your password.
    3. Block and delete the account if you violate our use terms.


Purchase a product on victsing.com

From November 2018, VicTsing official website (www.victsing.com) did not accept any order (except product exchange). You will be redirected to amazon.com to purchase.


For product exchange, if you misplaced an order, you can send an email to marketing@victsing.com (The subject of the email should be "Cancel Order") to cancel your order in 24 hours. And the member points will be returned in 48 hours.


Over 24 hours, the order cannot be canceled, and the product will be shipped normally.


Exchanged product do not accept return, but the after-sale service is the same as normal order from VicTsing on amazon.



For your payment information, with SSL certification installed, VicTsing will guarantee the privacy of your credit card or other payment account. Here is a basic introduction about the SSL.


SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. In some instances, it’s called the TSL (Transport Security Layer). SSL is simply a protocol that encrypts transactions between a client application (a browser) and the online store server. Simply put: SSL protects the sensitive information such as credit card details—by making them private and confidential—from being stolen by malicious users over the internet.
SSL uses an encryption algorithm that ensures that each message being exchanged on the web passes integrity test before being transmitted. If the integrity test fails—due to corruption or an unexpected alteration by malicious users—then such a transaction doesn’t proceed to successful conclusion. (From:https://www.depositfix.com/setup-ssl/)


From November of 2018, you will be redirected to amazon.com if you want to buy a product on victsing.com. That means you do not need to enter your credit card or Paypal account on victsing.com. And on victsing.com, the orders are only from exchanging a product or gift card, and you pay for that with your member points. No any credit card information or PayPal account required.



    • VicTsing will ship the product in 2 business days. And the delivery time will depend on the carrier.
    • For the products provided for exchanging are not sold on all amazon platforms, some products may not be shipped to you. For this case, VicTsing will send you an email with another product which can be shipped to you. If you reject the product, we will return the points to you.

Note: If you do not reply the email in 48 hours, we will think you have accepted the alternative solution by default.


    •  For some European countries, the product may not be shipped out directly. VicTsing will send you a free code and you can use it to buy the product on amazon. The code will be valid for 14 days. Please remember to redeem the code in time.




For general customers, the warranty is 12 months.
For VicTsing VIP members, the warranty is 24 months.
The warranty of exchanged products is also 12 months.


If you have any question about the terms of use, please contact support@victsing.com.


Updated on 02/27/2019.