US Trail Camera Giveaway

Giveaway Date: from 2019-08-05 to 2019-08-11

Numbers of Winners: 50

Prize: Trail Camera


Basic Requirements:

1.  Sign up on VicTsing & Invite at least one friend to sign up on VicTsing. 

2.  Send us the screenshot of your profile page, and the user name of your firends on VicTsing. 

3.  You can send the screenshot to us with messenger (click the messenger button on the bottom right corner) or email:







1. How to invite friend to sign up on VicTsing?


There are 2 ways that you can invite your friends to sign up on VicTsing.


First, just tell your friends directly and ask them to go to VicTsing official website to sign up. Then you need to tell us the user name they used on our website.


Second, go to your profile page, and use the invitation code. Click the Facebook or Twitter icon, and share a link on them. Then, ask your friend sign up on VicTsing through the link you shared. With this method, you do not need tell us the user name of your friends. Besides, you can get member points.


The invitation code is just as the picture shows:

2. About the winners:

2.1. Meet the basic requirements first.

2.2. If you invite 5 people successfully, you must win a trail camera.

2.3.  With the same invitations, we will assign a number to each participant, and choose a number with a tool as the winner.


3. Gift to Your Friend:

If you invite your friends to sign up on VicTsing, your friend will get a CD driver from VicTsing as a gift.


4. Prize Shipping.


4.1. Winners will receive an email from VicTsing. In the email, we will ask you to fill out your shipping info. We will send the prize you won and your friends' gifts to you together. 

4.2. The prize will be shipped out in 3 business days after the giveaway ends.

5. An overall view of this giveaway process: