Finally, the year of 2020 comes to an end. Say goodbye to the suffering in 2020 and look forward to THE BEST 2021. That’s why we are here.

The #VictSingSmashingKeyboard challenge (on TikTok) is made for everyone to smash the old, take the new. VictSing has a BIG surprise ready: Rise to the challenge, take 1 free keyboard from 500 and win $2,020.






The VictSing Smashing Keyboard Challenge is a break time that allows everyone to smash your rage, sadness or anything bad else. It is a challenge on TikTok for everyone to smash the old and take the new. Check the rules below and HAVE FUN!

1.Upload a video of smashing a broken keyboard with the song - Smashing2020 on your own TikTok. Like this

2.Nominate 2 friends in the caption to challenge and have fun together.

3.Follow and tag @victsing_vs. use hashtag #VictSingSmashingKeyboard

4.Upload the link of your video here for taking a new keyboard and winning $2,020.

Yes, go back to the upper part and
check the "CHALLENGER" rules.

No, have no time to take the challenge?
Hmm... how about purchasing a new keyboard instead for whom challenged you? We've got 20% off keyboards below.

(First 500 creators who upload your work can definitely take a new Free keyboard and get a chance to win $2,020.)


1.Take a new keyboard.

2.Updating every 24 hours.


1.Take a new keyboard.

2.Updating every 72 hours.

Take $2,020

Who earns the most views,

who takes $2,020 USD.

Do I have to be challenged in order to participate in the #VictSingSmashingKeyboard Challenge?

No! If you have not yet been challenged, you can start your own chain on your account by following the challenge rules.

What’s the overall timeline of the challenge?

Challenge Duration: 8th December 2020 to 24th January 2021.
The number of participants taking the new keyboard will be updated every 24 hours and then every 72 hours.
The date giving away the ultimate prize: 24th January 2021.

What should I keep in mind when shooting my video?

Be safe, be environmentally friendly, be creative and HAVE FUN!

What music can I use?

VictSing has made a piece of music: SMASHING 2020 for this challenge and you must use it in your video.

Can I upload multiple videos?

Only one video will be accepted per participant.
(if multiples are submitted, only the one with the best engagement will be considered).