VIP Commmunity


VicTsing VIP community is based on Facebook group. In this group, VicTsing members can make interact with each other. Also, VicTsing will provide group member only benefits.



1.  30% off deal (Twice a month)

2.  Quick support response. Any support request in this group will be responded in 24 hours.

3.  Get free products to testVicTsing will recruit members to test our new products in the group. (Ps: Only for members are in US, DE, CA, FR, IT, UK, ES for shipment related reasons.)

4.  Group members will get scores when you active in this group. And the top ten members (according to scores) will get a gift from VicTsing on a special holiday.



1.  The most import thing in this group is to be polite to others.

2.  No politics, porn, race related topics.

3.  See full rules here: >>