Qty available: 200 SKU: VTGECD093AG-USAA1
  • 9 Watering Patterns: FLAT, SHOWER, CONE, JET, SOAKER, ANGLE, MIST, CENTER, FULL to meet various spray needs. It is a well-established object for watering plants, washing cars, cleaning yards and showering pets.
  • Durable & Portable: Made of premium ABS material, this hose nozzle is durable and easy to hold; coming with TPR rubber coating, the skin-friendly handle will offer you comfortable touch and anti-slip griping.
  • Hand-Free Clip: There is a little metal bar on the back top of the hose nozzle, which can free your hands and maintain watering on. It is highly recommended for the persons who are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Water Flow Control & Rear Trigger: The water flow can be adjusted by the swivel to meet your spraying requirements; the rear-facing trigger is an ergonomic design, because it can enable you to trigger the gun with ease.
  • 10 Rubber Washers: Additional 10 rubber rings will prevent the joint between hose and nozzle from leaking. Title & Keywords: