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  • ULTRA STRONG LID MAGNET: Unlike other herb grinders the lid falls off easily while operating. This herb grinder with strong magnets holds the lid firmly in place. It is easy to twist the lid and it won't make annoying metallic sound.
  • RAZOR-SHARP METAL TEETH: Unlike some grinders, the teeth would easily be distorted or broken after using for some time. Those high quality metal teeth are durable and they provide you with small and fluffy herbs.
  • ZINC ALLOY MATERIAL MADE: This herb grinder with 4 pieces and 3 chambers is made of zinc alloy which will not easily be abraded. The cover paint will not fall off to mix with herbs, so it won¡¯t have bad effects on your health.
  • MESH SCREEN & POLLEN SCRAPER: The high-quality mesh screen filters very well. It will not easily get rusty. The little scraper helps you to get your pollen out & to get the herb out which caught in between the teeth.