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【Large Size】 With the size of 31.5 x 11.8 inches, the large desk pad will fit your keyboard, mouse and other office accessories, and leave ample room for you to maneuver the mouse. Also, the desk will look concise and unified, adding some gracefulness to your home or office.


【Ultra-smooth Surface】Made of smooth fabric of polyester, the desk pad can perfectly work as a mousepad. Mice of any type will glide on the surface effortlessly. The mouse movements will be precisely and accurately translated into cursor movements, improving your efficiency and making work more pleasing.



【Nonslip Rubber Base】The large desk pad will stick firmly to the desk, thanks to its textured rubber base. Ensure your setup is well kept and you can enjoy stable operation all the time. There will be no unwanted sliding or bunching up when you are typing, writing or gaming.


【Durable Stitched Edges】Reinforced by stitching, the edges are prevented from fraying and peeling. The desk pad becomes more durable and will stand years of use without deforming and degumming easily.


【Water-Resistant Coating】Liquids will slide off the desk pad when some are spilled on it by accident. Only a cloth is needed to wipe the surface dry and clean. You can go on with your activity right away.



Product Description:


By accommodating your office accessories on one desk pad, we aim to make your desktop more comfortable to use and more pleasant to see.  


Easy Mouse Control

The desk pad not only is smooth for quick gliding of the mouse, but also allows decent control by users. You will experience the precise tracking of mouse movements.


Soft and Smooth

Featuring polyester surface and highly elastic rubber base of 3 mm thick, the mouse pad is soft and smooth. Resting your hands and arms on it, the desk pad will help ease the stress of your elbows and wrists during work and gameplay.


Desk Protection

The desk pad is able to cover imperfections of the desk, provide a flat surface for work and gameplay, and protect the desk from further damage.


Environmentally Friendly

The underside of the mouse mat is made of natural rubber, safe for your health and friendly to the environment.


Package Includes

1×Large Desk Pad


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