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OMORC Baby Car Mirror, Shatter-proof Most Stable Safety Car Seat Mirror for Rear Facing Infant Crystal Clear with Elastic Adjustable Straps, 360 Swivel, , Backseat Wide View

UPC: 610406189263

Seconds of Installation】Just 2 steps, this baby car seat mirror can be simply installed in less than 30 s. It can be easily attached on front or back seat without obstructing your rear view of the road. The texture on its frame also makes it look unique and decent without cheap feeling in your car.


Universal for All Cars】The straps are elastic and adjustable, which can fasten the baby car mirror tightly on the seat and make it stay securely in place without vibrating or shaking in driving, so you don’t need to readjust the mirror constantly as the slippage. Adjustable to fit cars, trucks, vans or any other cars.


Get the Best View with Ease】Designed with a durable pivot, this rear facing car seat mirror can be 360° swiveled to offer you any right angle to see the baby. You don’t have to worry that the mirror moves and not positions at your baby, because the pivot is strong and stiff enough to make it stay in position.


Safety is Top Priority】Made of shatterproof acrylic and other top-grade plastic material with sturdy construction, our infant car mirror is tested and certificated to be durable and safe for reliable use. There is no such concern like cracking problems or the whole mirror dropping down to hurt your baby.


Clear and Full-body Visibility】This rear-facing car mirror delivers stable, crystal clear and large reflection without image distortion or wobble on big bumps. The convex nature of its surface also provides a wide viewing angle and allows you to see more about your baby and what they’re playing with.