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Sparkle at the NightThis gaming mouse features a cool RGB light with 7 backlight modes. Because of the honeycomb design and super bright lamp beads, its RGB illumination is much higher and brilliant than most other RGB mice, so it can offer more immersive and vibrant lighting effect for your gaming space.

Pick the Lightest Gaming GearFor some games that require low sensitivity for best accuracy, it needs more mouse lifting or movements. Our mice come with a weight-saving honeycomb shell, which is ultra-light and only weighs 70 g, so it's easy to move and you'll take less effort to lift it up off the mouse pad.

Fast Movement with Less DragInstead of rubber coating cables, PICTEK wired mouse's cable is made of superior paracord which is more flexible, lightweight and not easy to knot. It allows the mouse to move freely without any restrictions in gaming and gives you the feeling like using a wireless mouse.

Keep your Game Under ControlWith 6 programmable buttons and 6 DPI levels (1200/2400/3500/5500/7200/10000), PICTEK RGB mouse offers you a programmable option for different gaming scenarios. You can set the buttons to whatever your preference is or adjust the DPI to a sensitivity that best suits you.

Waterproof and Durable to UseUnlike other honeycomb mice on the market, PICTEK computer mouse is specially designed with a protective cover under the honeycomb shell, so it’s spill-resistant and dust-proof, and with keystroke test of over 2000,000 times, it is of great durability for long-lasting use.


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