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Raisper [2 Pack] Car Escape Tool, Window Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter [2021 Upgraded] Emergency Escape Tool for Car Accidents and First Responders, Premium Carbon Steel Safety Hammer






➤【Essential Car Escape Tool】Double-sided Tip Hammerhead lets every side of this car escape tool can break window quickly, save time than “Tip + Flat” hammer. One end is a seat belt cutter for cutting seatbelt, and the other end is the window breaker tool with two hardened sharp and heavy carbon steel points. It is suitable for various vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks, etc. It is an essential vehicle safety kit.
➤【2 Pack Window Breaker/ Seat Belt Cutter】Come with set of 2 car safety hammer and 2 mounting brackets. Put one in the front seat and one in the back seat of the car, which can protect yourself as well as your family. Also they are great gifts, send them to your families, children, parents, colleagues, friends and teachers. making them feel peace of mind when driving.
➤【2021 New Version with Durable Materials】Double-tipped hammers which are made of high grade carbon steel combined with engineering plastics, ensure the car glass breaker hard enought to break window within one second. Premium ABS hand shank effectively prevents break-off by accident.This sturdy Emergency Car Window Breaker can be a tool to save the life when necessary.
➤【Ergonomic Design】The anti-skid handle is long enough, about 6. 7 inch, making it easy to control and will not take up space in your car. Can be stored in the glove box, door pocket or armrest box. Only weighing 0. 3lb, you can swing it easily. The reflective strip on both sides of the handle for high visibility, it easier to be found in the dark. The blade is installed in a safety hook. Don't worry about hurting your hand when you hold this brilliant seat belt cutter.
➤【Easy to Use】This car window breaker will play a positive role when necessary, although we hope you will never need to use it. The edge and four corners of the glass is easier to break. Remember to break the side glass of the car instead of the windshield and sunroof glass, Because all of portable safety hammer is hard to break the laminated glass (TIPS: Check the sticker located in the corner of each car window. It will say whether the glass is "Tempered“or“Laminated" )