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Note: US Standard Plug is included in the package,which is only suitable for the US, Canada and Mexico 

If you are looking for a gadget to fill your room with fragrance or want to create a relaxing, soothing environment, this wood grain aroma essential oil diffuser will be a great choice.

Fragrance Benefits
This aromatherapy essential oil diffuser uses ultrasonic waves technology to vaporize the blend of 100% pure water-soluble essential oils and water into the air, producing cool mist with fragrance to give you a comfortable environment. It even can help mask some bad odors, such as stale tobacco smells, pet odors, and last night’s dinner etc.

More Features
1) Larger Water Capacity: the water tank holds water up to 400ml in comparison with other 300ml essential diffusers, which provides 7-10 hours misting time; 
2) 4 Timer Settings: 1H/3H/6H/ON; 
3) 2 Misting Modes: low and high
4) 7-Color LED light: red, green, blue, yellow, purple, pink and white and the light can be set to dim or bright mode; 
5) Automatically shut off when water runs out of;

Important Note
1) It is not made of “hardwood”, but of plastic; 
2) Please use 100% pure water-soluble essential oils for durability; 
3) It is an essential oil diffuser, but you can use it as a small humidifier without oils; 
4) Diffuser does not have therapeutic benefits, but the oils make it.

Water Tank: 400ml
Working Time: about 7-9 hours
Timer: 1h/3hrs/6hrs/ON
Advanced ultrasonic technology: 2.4MHZ
Aromatherapy Area: 269sq.ft. 
Humidify Area: 215-269sq.ft. 
Spray quantity: 30-60ml/h

Package Included: 
1* Essential Oil Diffuser
1* Measuring Cup
1* Adapter
1* User Manual