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Higher Conversion Rate
Bigger solar panel and monocrystalline silicon ensure higher conversion rate, which up to 21% while other solar panel only offers 17% conversion rate.

Adjustable solar panel and light 
The panel and light can be rotated to a suitable angle according to your requirements. The panel supports 180 degree rotation while light is 90 degree rotation.

1. Light color: White Light 
2. Battery: built-in 3.7V/2200mAH 18650 battery 
3. Charging time: 4-5 hours 
4. Working time: about 6-9 hours 
5. Feature: light control/switch control 
6. LED quantity: 4pcs 
7.Solar panel power:1.5w;
8.size: 8.5*14.3cm 
9. Flux: 200 lumens (50lm each) 
10.Real Brightness: 100lm/40lm(high/low)

Notes: Please Put the Panel under Direct Sunshine before use to get better experience 
1. The work time depends on the weather condition, the season and the location 
2. It is waterproof, but limited to rain and moisture(cannot immerged into the water or stay in the water too long) 
3. Please be sure it is installed in a well-lit location where the solar panel can get maximum sunlight during the day
4. Before installation, please be confirmed that the switch is on, either in high light mode or low light mode;In order to verify the switch is on, you can cover the solar panel with your hand and see whether the light will turn on automatically or not 
5. The spotlight won't light up in bright place

Package Included:
4* solar powered spotlight