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Excess moisture would easily breed bacteria, and will be harmful to your health. 
VicTsing Thermo-electric Dehumidifier helps to keep your home comfortable and mildew-free. 
This system effectively helps to eliminate moisture and fungus to make you breathe healthy and fresh air.

Larger 3L/102.5 Oz Capacity Water Tank
The larger water tank frees your worry of pouring water out frequently. Extracts up to 1300ml/44.4oz per day.
This dehumidifier is suitable for room within 215sq ft. for optimal performance, such as living room, bathroom, kitchen and garage etc.
High/Low Speed Settings
Two convenient speed settings give you more control over the rate of dehumidification.
Auto-Off and LED Indicator When Full
When the water tank is full, the dehumidifier would auto shut off for protecting user’s safety and the device as well.
Energy Efficient with Low Power Consumption
When the humidity level is below the desired level you set, the dehumidifier would stop working, saving you power and money.
Built-in adapter
Safer than other dehumidifiers, Built-in adapter, will not hurt you and your child.