What To Look For In A Good Oil Diffuser

Not all oil diffusers are made the same, so here are some tips to help you make sure you get the right one.


Diffusing essential oils is a great way to set the mood of your day. Diffuse orange oil in the morning to help you wake up, peppermint oil in the office to help you concentrate, and then lavender oil at night to help you relax.



With all their benefits, essential oils are becoming more popular and there are a ton of essential oil diffusers on the market. Read on to learn what makes one oil diffuser better than another, so diffuse as safely and efficiently as possible.


1. Stick with an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser such as the VicTsing 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier on Amazon. These tend to be the best and most effective diffusers, without costing anything too crazy. Ultrasonic essential oil diffusers don’t use any heat, so that they don’t destroy the chemical components of the oils while dispersing them. They instead use up to 2.4 million vibrations per second to turn the water and oil into a mist. They also allow you to absorb the oils over the longest period of time, so you get to enjoy them longer.


2. Speaking of, mist is exactly what it should be. You want your diffuser to emit a fine, gentle mist, not spitting out thick water droplets. Mist will most effectively disperse the scent of the oils around the room, and shouldn’t get the surrounding area wet.


3. Mind the noise. Make sure that the sound coming from your diffuser (if any), is a pleasant one. Many benefits of essential oils include being relaxed or concentrated. You shouldn’t be distracted by an annoying noise coming from your diffuser. The VicTsing 150ml Ultrasonic Diffuser on Amazon is highly rated and emits very little sound.



    4. Automatic turn off. If you’re getting an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser, make sure it either has an automatic turn off of up to six hours, or that it will automatically turn off when the water runs dry. Some diffusers even have a timer, so you can set it for how long you’d like it to run. This will make sure the diffuser isn’t going through oils faster than you like, wasting electricity, or burning out.


    5. Plan for your space. Where are you planning on using your diffuser? Large rooms, such as living rooms, typically need a bigger sized diffuser for proper use. Large areas typically need diffusers with a capacity of 400-500 ml, mid-size rooms like offices or bedrooms will be fine with a 300 ml diffuser, and small spaces like a cubicle at your office need a 150 ml diffuser. VicTsing offers several different diffusers.


    We hope these tips will help you choose the perfect diffuser to help you most enjoy diffusing your essential oils.



    Declaration: This post was written by the folks from rizknows.com and myslumberyard.com, both of which are review websites that cover popular consumer products.