VictSing VIP FAQ

How to become VictSing VIP?

To become VictSing, you just need to sign up on VictSing website.

What benefits can I get if I become VictSing VIP?
  • Become VictSing VIP, you'll get a 20% off deal after sign up.
    • Note: Check your 20% off deal or other VIP benefits on your personal profile.
  • Become VictSing VIP, you will get 24 months warranty for VictSing products. (Note: Only for products bought on Amazon.)
  • You can use your Amazon orders to earn member points, and use the points to exchange products or gift card.
  • Note: Check your 20% off deal or other VIP benefits on your personal profile.
  • Speacil offers on Christmas.
Can I edit my personal info on profile?

VictSing is based on Shopify, and due to the limitation of shopify, you cannot edit the personal infomation by youself. If you want to change your info, please send an email to us:

How to earn member points?

1. The main points may come from your Amazon orders. How much dollers you spent on VictSing products will become how many points. If your orders are with EUR, CAD, or GBP, they will be converted into USD first. Also, the shipping and tax fee of the order will not become member points.

Note: To submit the order, you can go to this section on your profile page:

2. Invite your friends to sign up on VictSing. You can go to your profile page and find your invitation code, then share it to your friends. If your friends sign up on our web through the link you share, you will get 5 points for each.

3. Promotion awards. Every month, on VictSing website, we will set a small game, and you can participate in the game to win member points, free products or coupons.

        To sum up with a table:

Ways to get points Rewards Details Distribution
Amazon Orders $1 = 1 Points Within 24 hours after submitting.
Invitations 5 points each After the friend signs up successfully
Note: If the order is with EUR, CAD or other countries' currency, the price will be converted into USD first.
How can I get the product or gift card?

You can exchange a product or gift card with member points. If you have enough points, you can exchane it on our points store. >>Go to the points store.

Can I redeem orders from non- Amazon platform?

No, our system can only recognize Amazon orders. Orders from other platform like eBay will not be accepted by our system.

How can I see the changes of my points?

You can see the changes of your pints on your profile page. There are 5 kinds of alterations.

Signup : When you sign up, you will get 10 points. (One-time reward)

Redeem: This records how much you spend out.

Order_bind: This will show how many points you get from the order you submitted.

Complete_edit: When you complete the information from profile, you will get 10 points. (One-time reward)

Other: You get from games, contests or other points reward from VictSing will be shown with "Other".

How to exchange product or gift card on VictSing?

To explore how to exchange a product or gift card on VictSing, please click the button below.

How can I get the 24 months warranty?

To get the 24 months warranty, you just need to submit your Amazon order number on your profile page (on VictSing website.) Then, you can check the end date of warranty.


Can I cancel my order paid with points and get my points back?

The product you exchanged with points cannot be returned.

The points also cannot be returned. So be careful when you exchange the product. 

Can I cancel my order if I exchanged by mistake?

Yes, you can cancel the order.


But please note:

We will have about 2 business days to ship the product out. So if you want to cancel your order, please send us an email within 48 hours from the time you placed the order. You send the email to

Are points and scores the same?
  • Points and scores are different. You can regard points as virtual currency on VictSing. You can use points to exchange products or gift cards on points store.
  • Scores CANNOT be used to exchange anything. They are used to level up. This means the more scores you get, the higher VIP Level you'll be. When you submit orders, you will get the same scores as the points. And VictSing is planning more benefits for high level VIPs, for example, high VIP level members can exchange products with a discount. (Gift card won't be exchanged with discount.)
Does the product I exchanged enjoy VictSing Warranty?

For the products exchanged with points, there will be no warranty. We only provide a warranty for them with this case: The product is broken when you open the package.

How can I get points from inviting my friends signed up on VictSing?

To learn how to invite friends to sign up on VictSing to get member points, you can see NO.2 under "How to earn member points".