1. How to become VicTsing VIP?

 You can go to this page to register as VictSing’s member. Or you can scan the QR code card in the product package.

Click here to learn how to scan the QR code.


2. How can I get the 24-month warranty?

 As long as you become VictSing member, you will enjoy 24-month warranty for VictSing products.


But please note:

    • The warranty is only for VicTsing product you bought after March 2018 and the product with VIP QR card.
    • The warranty is not available for essential oils if you use up one bottle.


3. How to get the 20% deal?

 You can go to the vip benefits page to get the 20% off deal.


4. How can I get the free product and Amazon gift card?

 The free product and Amazon gift card are exchanged with member points. If your points are enough, you can go to the VIP benefits page can select the free product to exchange.


5. How to scan the QR code?

 To learn how to scan the QR code, just click here.


6. How to submit my amazon order number?

 To submit your order number, you can go to your profile or here, and scroll down to the Amazon order section. Then enter your order number and choose correct amazon location like, etc..




7. How to exchange the products or Amazon gift card?

For exchanging products or Amazon gift card, the guide is here.


8. Do I need to charge for becoming VicTsing VIP?

 To become VictSing VIP, you do not need to pay anything. Just create an account on VictSing official website.


 9. When will the products I exchanged be shipped?

Usually, the products for exchanging are not in automatic delivery system, so the product you exchanged will be shipped manually by us in 2 business days. If we have a vacation, the product will be shipped after the holiday.


10. How can I get member points?

At present, the member points are mainly from Amazon orders. If you have bought VictSing products on Amazon, you can submit the order number to get the member points.



1. The products can be branded with VictSing, Homasy, VTIN.

2. If the orders you placed on Amazon are before 2018, maybe our system cannot get your order information because our VIP project just began from March 2018.


11. Others:
For VictSing will provide more ways to get member points in the future, we will adjust the points to exchange products and Amazon gift card as well.