Why We Love Oil Perfume And You Should Too


Hello, VicTsing friends !!! Maybe you’re confused about the functions of oils, they have their own main functions actually. Today, we will introduce different main functions of 6 different oils perfume to you.

1. Lavender

2. Lemongrass

3.Tea Tree





❤Hope these information can help you and hope you can benefit from our VicTsing Diffuser and Oils ❤

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The Truth You Need to Know about the Santa Claus


Hello, all VicTsing fans, maybe most of you, in your childhood, have wished to get a gift from the Santa Claus. So how much do you know about the Santa Claus? Maybe here you can learn something about him.


Santa Claus originated from folklore in europe. He was plump, with 9 reindeer of different names, and the biggest worry was that houses with chimneys were getting smaller and smaller. Usually parents will explain to their children that the gifts they receive at Christmas are sent by Santa claus. Santa Claus's concept of bringing gifts to children by a mysterious figure derives from St. Nicola. Nicola is a good bishop who lived in Asia Minor in fourth Century. The Dutch will imitate him to give gifts in San Nicolas Festival (December 6th).  

Every Christmas, Santa Claus riding on the reindeer, child prodigy graspsthe Christmas tree comes to the world, as the world changes, writers and artists began to depict Santa Claus we are familiar with today's red, white beard. At the same time, different countries and cultures also have different interpretations of Santa claus. In many countries, Christmas Eve, children prepare empty containers so that Santa Claus can put in little gifts, such as toys, candy or fruits. In the United States, children in the fireplace on Christmas Eve hanging Christmas stockings, Santa Claus said to come down the chimney on Christmas Eve presents in the sock. In other countries, children put empty shoes outdoors so that Santa can give presents on Christmas Eve (or on the eve of the San Nicolas festival in December 5th). In Germany, it was said that he played Cheng Shengtong, putting nuts and apples in children's shoes. He traveled around in a buggy, watching people's behavior, especially children, and if they were good, they would get prizes like apples, nuts, sugar, etc.. A bad child deserves a whip. Parents inspired this legend to encourage children to be obedient. 

Christmas has greatly exceeded the new year, become a national holiday. Santa Claus has become one of the most favorite symbols and traditions of christmas. He was driving reindeer, pulling the sleigh full of toys and gifts, sending gifts to every child from door to door, and the image of the old elf has been deeply remembered. Every year close to Christmas, there are always children who believe in Santa Claus send letters to Santa Claus, such as telling them what they want to receive Christmas gifts and so on, and in some countries the post office, in order to avoid their disappointment, someone will reply to these letters. 

The depiction of Santa Claus in the Arctic reflects the people's impression of industry. In the early twentieth Century, some of Santa Claus's image was that he made toys himself, just like craftsmen in a small workshop. Later, the impression became Santa Claus with many elves making toys, but the toys were still done by the elves in a traditional way. By the end of the twentieth Century, Western masses had fully accepted the realities of mass machine production. Modern depictions of Santa Claus's residence reflect this: people humorously say that his residence is a highly mechanized production facility, equipped with the most advanced manufacturing technology, managed by elves and managers of Santa Claus. There are a lot of TV advertising business into the company will be the scene comedy, the elf portrayed as a disgruntled employee, funny and tease boss.


There are many stories related to the miraculous old man. Maybe you read a lot already. But anyway, Santa Claus was the people we hoped to see in our childhood, isn’t it?

❤ Christmas 2017 is coming, MERRY CHRISTMAS ❤

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7 Fun Christmas Movies with Holiday Spirit


Hello, VicTsing fans!!! Christmas is coming soon, I bet most of you look forward to its coming!!! Today, we want to recommend 7 fun Christmas movies to you that you can enjoy with your families or friends during the Christmas!!!

1.“Winter” — A Year In the Life, Gilmore Girls

2.Last Holiday



5.Happy Christmas

6.Snow Day

7.Radio City Christmas Spectacular

❤Wish all of you enjoy and have a wonderful Christmas❤

source of information>>https://www.realsimple.com/holidays-entertaining/holidays/christmas/netflix-christmas-movies

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Why We Love These 5 Best Christmas Places In US


Hello, friends!!! The Christmas is coming soon!!! You must be excited.

We are here to introduce 5 best christmas places in us that we love to you!!!

1.Christmas Town USA,McAdenville

Every December, it changed its name to American Christmas.There are 450, 000 lights decorating the town, and 375 trees with colored lights illuminate the road.

2.Koziar’s Christmas Village,Bernville

It has been a traditional holiday destination since 1948.This Christmas village has millions of lights, stores and with chance of face-to-face contact with Santa Claus.

3.Ogden’s Christmas Village,Ogden

Ogden, located in northern Utah, is an important rail hub in the United States, which are greeted by many visitors every Christmas. At the center of the city, there are 59 small houses built imitating Santa Claus's arctic village, and each small house has a different theme.

4.Nevada City Victorian Christmas,Nevada City

The city is famous for its annual Victorian Christmas.As a former gold rush city, Nevada has a lot of historic buildings, and the whole city is surrounded by mountains.

5.Ozark Mountain Christmas,Branson

Branson will be "transformed" during the Christmas season, and countless Christmas lights will shine.


Do you love these 5 places and want to travel? It would be better to travel with our speaker and take photos!!!


Hope all of you will have a wonderful Christmas!!!

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Why is the aroma diffuser necessary for your family?


Maybe you are wondering why the aroma diffuser is necessary for your family. There are dozens of reasons and we will introduce some of the most important ones here.

First of all,to refresh air. You can refresh the air in your room with the fragrance emitted by the ultrasonic aroma diffuser when friends are ready to visit your home, or when you feel not good about the bad smell in your room.

Secondly,to concentrate your mind. After longtime having an office meeting or studying alone, the aroma diffusing machine is a good choice for you to refresh your mind.

Thridly,to relax yourself before bedtime. The delicate fragrance by your diffuser help relax both your mind and body after one day’s busy work, bringing great comforts to you.

Last but not the least, to accompany your self-care. When you are doing a simple exercise like yoga or stretching at home, you can greatly enjoy the purified furniture space and soul with an operating aroma essential oil diffuser.

After knowing these useful functions, you must be desiring to own an aroma diffuser. 

Just have your own aroma diffuser and make your life better!!!

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What type of water is better when using oil diffuser?

Maybe you are wondering whether distilled water or tap water is better when using oil diffuser.
We are here to give you the answer to eliminate your doubts.

The distilled water is better according to our investigation.

For one thing, the scale will appear on the mist vent of the oil diffuser if you use the tap water after a certain time.

For another, the distilled water is better when you use it to make your room more humid.

For a better user experience and keeping your oil diffuser clean, you’d better choose the purified water.

We do hope we can help you!!!



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The Way To Clean Your Oil Diffuser


No matter how offten do you clean you oil diffuser, you must know the right way to clean it. Don't wory!!! We are here to teach you the right way and just do as followed.

Step1: Fill the water reservoir half full with clean water.

Step 2: Add in 1/2 teaspoon white vinegar, run the diffuser for 5-10 mins.


Step 3: Turn off the diffuser, unplug it, and dump the water out.


Step 4: Fill the water reservoir half full again to clean it once more.



It is not difficult to clean the oil diffuser, right?

Just do it and keep it clean!


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What 'VicTsing User Program' is and How to Join


VicTsing always understand the influence of our customers in introducing our brand. We also know how much each customer means to us. That’s why we work out our 'VicTsing User Program' to ask for your advice to perfect our products’ design and our customer service.

It is so easy to become a member of us.

See a story? ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


One day, Matchstick Men, who is a IT boy, found that his keyboard was broken suddenly.
Introduced by his best friend, he would like to try Tomoko Keyboard and purchased one from VicTsing store.
Package was arrived very soon because he is a prime of Amazon.【Amazon two days shipping service is perfect.】
After 3 months’ test, he was shocked by this keyboard because it works so good.
Matchstick Men always enjoy in sharing his experience on his personal channel. He is also very generous in giving sellers advice.
Then he wrote an email not only to express thanks to VicTsing but also give 2 piece of advice about how to show the keyboard better on the product page.
After receiving his email , VicTsing invited him to become a member of 'VicTsing's User'
Being a VicTsing's User, Matchstick Men always knows VicTsing's giveaway and deals firstly with notification emails.
He was so lucky several times to be selected as a winner of the giveaway.
That is the story about how Matchstick Men and VicTsing become friends. 
If you are a generous man like Matchstick Men, do not hesitate to join us.

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Winner Announcement of Easter & VicTsing-Opening Giveaway

VicTsing's official website was became online from April 5th. To celebrate it and also to welcome the Easter festival, victsing had share a giveaway activity with all VT-Fans.
Now it is time to annouce all the 50 winners we choose randomly from all participants who came from US, CA, ES, DE, UK, IT or FR.

Following is the winners' list.
These 5 lucky fans win our VicTsing Video Projector Portable HD1080P For Home Entertainment (Worth $78.99)
justge******@gmail.com;   una**@hotmail.com;  papis***@yahoo.ca;
dag***@yahoo.com;          imr****@gmail.com

These 10 lucky fans win VicTsing 400ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier (Worth $39.99)
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These 15 lucky fans win Victsing Mini 150ml Wood Grain Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser (Worth $27.99)
papi****@yahoo.ca;                russe******@gmail.com;       tiloup******@gmail.com
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These 20 lucky fans win a VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Mouse Optical Mice With USB Receiver (Worth $12.56)
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paul******@hotmail.com;        ingr******@hotmail.com;        landy******@gmail.com;
magne******@gmail.com;       hilde******@gmail.com

All winner will receive our notification email, please kindly focus on your email box.

And last but not least, 
to all VicTsing fans: thanks for your participation.

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