VicTsing Multi-Device Bluetooth Mouse

VicTsing Multi-Device Bluetooth Mouse
The wireless, multi-mode mouse

Looking for a mouse that can work on multiple devices at the same time with long battery life and amazingly strong compatibility? Well, this little friend shown above has got it all!



What comes to your mind when you think of a mouse? A small device that helps us to select things and move them on the computer screen. But when you ask a computer science student, the answer would be something among the lines A handheld input device, which controls the cursor on the screen in the graphical interface. This little device can certainly do wonders. This pointing device detects 2D motions near the surface, which is then translated into the motion of the cursor on your screen, and that is how the graphical user interface is smoothly controlled. Mice were initially wired to a computer but as we moved ahead, the technologies upgraded and now we have the wireless Bluetooth mice in use. Also, do you know that the first public demo of the mouse control took place in 1968? They've surely come a long way! Mice back then used to have a spherical ball at the base, rolling on the surface to detect the movements, but now there are sensors installed to detect the motion. They also have buttons for selection. Computer mice come in different varieties, so you can choose your mouse according to the device you're planning to use it with. There's Mechanical, Optical, Cordless, Trackball and Stylus mouse.


    • Ergonomic

A comfortable and functional design with user-friendly systems. It is efficient for workplaces.


    • Size

They come in various sizes, and their sizes differ from brand to brand. Some brands may have travel size mice, and some may have what we call the full-size mice. Different sizes allow you to choose the ones which is perfect for your working conditions.



    • Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth connection in the cordless mice allows you to connect your handheld pointer device to your computer without having to worry about the broken wires. That also means that there will be less clutter in any workplace because tons of wires leads to accidents or mishaps.


    • Battery life

Since such wireless mouse can transfer the movements to a computer device using less power as compared to others, so it means a longer battery life for a wireless mouse.


    • Sensors

The sensors in the new mice detect the movements and project those movements on the screen, allowing more accuracy as compared to the balls that would be connected to the old mice.


    • Programmable buttons

The programmable buttons on the mouse provide functions like selecting and deselecting anything on the computer.


    • Receivers

Receivers are used by most wireless mice in order to be connected to the computer, as those receivers receive the wireless signals and convert them to USB signal which can be understood by a computer.


    • Easy setup

Such Bluetooth or wireless mice are easy to set up due to their strong compatibility with any computer or laptop devices.


    • DPI Levels

The adjustable Dots per inch levels allows you to choose how far you want the cursor to move on the screen. The DPI level measures the sensitivity of the mouse. The higher the DPI level, the farther the cursor on your screen will move along with the movement of the mouse.


Usage of VicTsing Multi-Device Bluetooth Mouse

  1. At Office — such a wireless Bluetooth mouse is best for any workplace as the lesser the wires; the lesser are the chances of a mess. The Bluetooth mice works best with its faster speed and great performance.
  2. More than one device to control? No worries! This multi-device


To sum it up, with all the desirable features and a stunning design, the VicTsing Multi-Device Bluetooth Mouse is the best choice for you. If you have to control multiple devices at a hectic job, the outcome and speed would surely not disappoint you!

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