[Update] New UI, New Experience -- VictSting New Support Page

As a merchant, we know that the support page is very import for customers and salers. So from last December, our developers are working for a new support page.


On February 24, our new support page has published. In this version, there are serval upgrades.


First, new UI. As you can see below, our new support page is more beautiful than last version.




Second, we have added more user manuals for you. We only have user manuals for FM transmitter before. And this time, we have added user manuals of our keyboards and mice. You can click the ''FM User Manual'' at the top to download the manuals for FM transmitter.



Third, the contact section is more concise and beautiful. On the contact page, you can call us according to the phone number at the left side or just leave us your message.




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