VictSing Has Updated the Function to Extend Your Warranty

We know that the warranty is very important for a customer. So after one week's developing, VictSing has published our new page for you to extend the warranty.


Before, you need to go to your profile page to submit the order number to extend the warranty. That's a little inconvenient for our customers. Now you just need to go to our warranty page and submit your order to extend the warranty.



 On the warranty page, you can enter your VictSing site account, password, amazon order number and the place you purchased the order and click the button to extend the warranty. After clicking the button, you will be redirected to your profile page where you can check the order you submitted.


If you do not have an account before, and when you enter the email and password, our system will create an account for you and add the order information and warranty to your account. So please remember the password if you are just the first time here. 


The account you created is not only used for warranty, but also for our other member benefits like exchanging a product with points. When you register the product, we will add both member points and warranty for you. With member points, you can exchange products on VictSing points store, if you have enough points, you can even exchange an Amazon gift card from VictSing.


To check your warranty, you need to go to your profile page. Before you go to the profile page, please log in to VictSing first. There are serval ways to your profile page:


1. Menu bar at the top > VIP > VIP Profile

2. Click the box next to the account icon.

3. If you are the first time to log in, you will go to the profile page directly.


Mobile Devices:

1. Menu (upper left) > VIP > VIP Profile

2. Menu > account > log in to profile page. (If you already logged in, you need to go to Shopify's account page first, then click the profile on that page.)


The warranty info on your profile page is also updated as the picture shows below:



If you have other orders, you can click "Add A New Order" to extend the warranty and get member points.

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