【VicTsing VIP】How to earn member points?

There are 2 main ways to earn member points.


One is from the your Amazon order. If you have bought VicTsing or VicTsing's sub-brands' product on Amazon, you can submit your Amazon order ID to get member points. At present, our system can support the orders from:

1. Amazon.com
2. Amazon.ca
3. Amazon.com.mx
4. Amazon.com.au
5. Amazon.co.uk
6. Amazon.fr
7. Amazon.es
8. Amazon.de
9. Amazon.it
Note: Only orders with VicTsing or VicTsing sub-brand products included can be recognized by our system.
The rule for the points from Amazon order is $1 = 1 Point. Any other currency (like CAD, EUR etc.) will be converted into USD first. So the final points you get may not be the same to the price on your order.


The other way is referral. You can invite people to sign up on VicTsing to get points. And the rule is 5 points for each successful registeration. To use this referral function, you need to go to your profile page on VicTsing site. You can see a code on the right top of page content, just like the picture showed:


The other way to get points: VicTsing will have some small games on our site like a spin wheel. You can play the game to win some points, up to 50 points you can get. Sometime you'll win a free product.

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