Wired Mouse VS. Wireless Mouse, Which One Is Better?


Wired or wireless mice? This is a debate that’s been going on for years now, and there is still no definitive winner. In fact, they have their own advantages, what type we need depends on what we want to do. Let’s have a look at their advantages together. Maybe this information will be helpful to you when you choose a mouse.


Wired Mouse

VicTsing Wired Mouse




    •  Stable

The wired mouse is connected with computer e by the cable which can avoid interference. If you want to buy a mouse to design and game, a wired mouse is the first choice.

    • No battery needed.

 The wired mouse is powered by the computer which means you do not need to worry about the battery.

    • Faster response time and better accuracy
    • Cheaper than wireless mouse (with similar functions)


    • Limited distance to use

Usually, the wire of a mouse is about 1-1.8 meters long. If you want to use a mouse for HTPC (Home theater PC), the wired mouse is quite inconvenient.

    • Not Clean
There are enough cords for a desk with a computer. A wired mouse will add another cord on our desk. Sometimes, the clutter of wires is annoying.


Wireless mouse


VicTsing wireless mouse



    • More Freedom - - The most important advantage of the wireless mouse.

Compared to the wired one, wireless mouse is free from the wire. You can use your mouse with a longer distance and don’t worry about the clutter of cords.

    • Portable

If you need a mouse when you are out, the wireless mouse would be the prime choice because it will take less space and be more convenient to use in a library or coffee houses.



    • Lower accuracy

Although the tech is advanced to avoid interference, with more and more wireless devices like the smart speaker, smart lamp, the wireless mouse is inevitable to be affected.

    • Limited by the battery

Wireless mouse is powered by AA or built-in chargeable battery. So this means you can not use a wireless mouse for a long time. 


In the end, you’ll have to choose the mouse that’s right for you. If you find that your mouse cable is just getting in the way of your activities you may want to invest in a wireless mouse. On the other hand, if you’re getting annoyed at the amount of times you need to replace the batteries in your wireless mouse you might want to stick with a wired mouse.


Of course, the only way you can know what’s right for you is to go out there and try various devices out for yourself. Since this is all based on personal preference you need to have experience with the different devices before you can make a judgment call.

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